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DCR is a unique end-to-end platform for describing, validating, documenting and digitizing complex business processes. Rather than the traditional way of describing fixed routes, DCR is describing activities and rules without pre-dertermining the routes. DCR is the tool for building the digital GPS for knowledge workers.

  • Empowering the businessEmpowering process owners to take full control of digitization​
  • Save timeSignificant faster and cheaper digitization process​
  • Agility and complianceSecuring full compliance while maintaining agility for the users​

What Makes DCR Different

  • Empower the process
    Empower the process owner​ The simplicity of DCR and the code-free method empowers process owners to take full control of digitization​
  • Digitize-hour
    Digitize in hours not weeks​ The DCR makes it significantly faster to describe and digitize processes
  • costs savings
    10x costs savings​ The code-free tool means no programming is required, which significantly reduces cost of digitization.​
  • Regulatory-compliance
    Regulatory compliance Direct link between regulatory description, process models and IT-system logic ensures compliance​
  • seamless-system-integrations
    Seamless system integrations​ Seamless integration to existing IT-systems ensure fast digitization and increased value of existing IT-investments​
  • dynamic-process-guidance
    Dynamic process guidance​ Providing digital guidance to the knowledge workers ensure optimal process flow​